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Wow POWERFUL and captivating it makes one think of what is ahead! I like the Bible reference given to backup the authors thoughts. A fascinating poem.
I marvel at your skill in combining imagery, clarity, rhyme, cadence and challenge with an open invitation. Powerfully expressed, with full scriptural authority. Brilliant.
Beautiful imagery. Perfect flow and use of words! Nothing you write seems forced. Always like a song flowing from your heart!
Beautifully written!
The words flowed with such ease.
The message apowerful one.
You've Mastered the topic.
Another excellent and winning entry for sure. Powerful and relevant for those who are still uncommitted to faith.
Your note to the reader was fantastic. I love Revelation and you did such a nice job of portraying even the fairness yet sadness of that judgement.
Wonderful on so many levels. I appreciate your adherence to the scenario as presented in the Bible, while capturing the personal aspect and making it come alive. This grabs the reader with its importance. And the poetry was, in every way, superb!
Wow! Very powerful message.
I'm sooo in awe. In tears I shared this with my husband. I'm so glad I won't have to stand before Him at that terrible judgment day...and it's all because of Jesus. Thank you for this wonderful poem.

Beautiful! It flows so smoothly and you pack so much into it. I love the note to the reader at the end - a powerful appeal. You make this look so easy!
When I read something like this and realize what is coming and know in my heart the absolution found in God's forgiveness and the love He has for us, I am in three words: overwhelmed and thankful. And, in just one word to describe your talent in this genre: overwhelmed, as well.
Wow - Excellent!
Rich, exquisite and a masterpiece all around. Amen!
Wow this is very powerful. I understand why you wrote it in the tense that you did, for God knows no time and it has happened in a blink of an eye. Beautiful, mighty and truthful.
A well thought poem with truth declared ahead of its time and an underlining evangelistic message! Great work!
So powerful and intense! And truth fitly spoken! This is a winner for certain!
Beth - I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said. Your talent astounds me and this entry is a gem.
So glad I got to read this. Wonderful and moving.
This is my favorite one of all I've seen so far of yours, Beth -- just awesome. I expect the Lord will use this powerfully in many lives.
This poem proves that you aren't just skilled at the comedic stuff. I loved some of the imagery in this. One of my favorite lines is:

Then Hades vomited its souls,
The sea gave up her dead.

Lines like that give my mind such vivid images. This one has an important message as well. Thank you for using your gift to reach out to others and minister.

Congratulations in placing in the top 40 over-all and in the top 15 of your level. Good job!
Masterfully told - a picture of words that should be an encouragement to all. Most solemn occasion but a joy for those who find their name in the Lamb's Book. God bless and please write more.