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This is on topic, but also would have worked really well for this week's topic! As creative as you are, I'm sure you'll write another very inspiring piece.
Wow! Very well written.
Words of truth spoken with such creativity.
I like the simple message your poem conveys. The MC could be you, me, or maybe even any one of the Gospel writers speaking.
The writer isn’t mighty and neither is his pen…
The might is in the Spirit that guides us from within.
How true, nicely done.
I've always liked the Bible metaphor of the harvest. You've beautifully amplified that in your poem. I especially like this, "The reader will reap meaning from the garden of your words." Very nice!
Beautifully written with a strong message. Thank you!
Wonderful message in these rhymes. I agree that it fits this weeks topic as well. I think it was this line that resonated with me, and is my favorite: Yet, inwardly, I understand God has done His work again. Well done.
Really enjoyed the power packed simplicity of this and it flowed so smoothly.
Simply divine.
This describes deep within what's in my heart, the awe I feel of God’s greatness and graciousness for using me to write words that touch and bless readers. I understand this truth very well, no matter what I write, some readers will be blessed.
Few words, but an awful lot packed into them.
Like seeds, my words are planted in God’s Garden, freshly grown.
But the harvest comes much later at a place where I can’t be…
Some reader reads my story and God sets the reader free. reminds me of 1 Cor 3:7. We only need to be willing to write what God calls us to write and leave the rest to Him.
How wonderfully inspiring! An entry that deserves to win in my opinion!

And encouragement to all of us who write!

God bless you!
Splendid. Lines of truth written in form to easily digest.

What a great, insightful message. I especially like the way you alluded to the way the Holy Spirit directs us to hear the writer's words - in essence harvesting what another has sown. A great lesson on giving freely as well.
Beautifully written--You've expressed in verse wonderfully the desire of my heart.
I was truly blessed by this. Thank you.
Thank you. Reading this has really blessed me tonight.
Well done. Since the other comments are saying their favorite part...mine was: "He takes the words my pen lays down, and treats them as His own". What an honor that God expresses His love for us in such a way, thank you for reminding us of that love and the precious gift He entrusts us with.
Nicely done. Yet another finely drawn reminder that God sees to it His word does not return void--or without fulfilling the purpose for which He intended it. I just want to praise Him for that, again and again! Thanks for using your pen!
Really liked this a lot -- very encouraging to all us FaithWriters. We should probably post it on our walls for times of discouragement.
This poem accurately describes the hearts of most writers here at FaithWriters. Our purpose is to write for His glory, and when we can encourage a reader or bring a smile to their face with what we write, then it's all worth it.

Thank you for sharing, Gerald. I can tell this one came straight from the heart.
Congratulations in placing in the top 40 over-all and in the top 15 of your level. Good job!