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OOOOOh-- I like this!! Really like this! The gentle tempo, the wisdom, the feelings it evokes-- all so lovely. You paint such a clear picture, not just of the surroundings but the emotions as well. Wow!
I agree. Lines like this feel so comforting:
I slide into his vernacular like slipping into my favorite jeans
A beautiful, engaging story. Loved it.
I always used to worry with a parent/grandparent having a switch in hand, but your tone was gentle to go there. I really liked this. Very tender, real, honest. It also reminded me maybe I spend too much time running after the shavings. Thank you. God bless.
This was a warm fuzzie read :) Reminds me of spending quiet time with the Lord.
Gentle and rich with meaning. I enjoyed this very much... the warm sun, the deep relationship...

(Just a few tense changes to tidy up.)
Dreamy, deliciously good.

This slowed me right down. I savored it.
I could HEAR the grandfather's voice, SEE him...oh, man, pitch-perfect.

Simple, yet so rich. YUM!
This evokes good memories of visits to my grandpas. Both were porch setters, and men of few words. But what that said and how they said it, were treasure to hold for a lifetime.
You have an amazing way with words and thoughts! Sometimes you don't need to have something to show for your time, it's enough that you were together. Love the granddaddy--grandson moment!
Wonderful! Oh, it made me want to jump in my car and head to my grandparents' farm right now. Excellent!
Your beautifully written tender moment has so much between the lines that you reader ponders a long time after reading it.
What a precious, calm story. I loved the subtleness felt throughout.

The tense switches were a little distracting, but overall, this was a nicely done piece!
Ah, a grandfather story. I like it! I really like Danny too, the way he rambles through his thoughts and even though he has known the sorrow, it doesn't overtake the story, it just sort of spills in a few dribbles here and there, then we learn of the stick. Beautifully written--I enjoyed this. One of my favorites of yours.
So much said in so few words. You've painted a picture with words that move the heart. Beautiful!