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It had a 'wow' beginning and a 'wow' ending and everything in between was great too!
I loved when he got it and saw them all as God sees us. I think I will remember this at some odd and fortunate times.
What a great story. You set the stage beautifully for the action to follow. And your first and last line fit perfectly in both places. Super!
I agree. This was expertly crafted and a story I'll remember.
Very skilfully paced and structured, with a strong intro. Great insights that reflect and rebuke our natural cynicism, with a clever twist on your intro to wrap it up. Great material.
Wow! Great contrast between your opening and your closing sentences! I love the play on words with your title. Excellent work!
Powerful. Gripping. Spellbinding.
Powerful, from beginning to end!
This is a wonderfully written story--the narrator's voice perfect, as is the lesson shown.
This is engaging from beginning to end. Amazing how the "stereotypes" became real for him at the end. Very original take on the topic!
First place in EC and Masters! Wow! Congrats on your well-deserved win.
I had not read this until I saw it earned the coveted 1st place EC. Very worthily so.
It isn't until we see ourselves and others as Jesus sees us that we "get it". I don't know how one could show this better in written word.

Way to go Lori. Excellent work.
Congrats, Lori, on top honors this week with this stunning entry!!
Engaging and powerful. Congratulations!
Wow! An inspiring piece. Very well done.
Wow. Wow. Wow.

I had goosebumps throughout this entire story...The first line was an amzing grip, the last was unbelievable.

Wow. A well deserved first place if I ever saw one! Congrats!
I am moved to tears! Very powerful story!!! You deserved this win.
Congratulations! Loved the point where your black and white story turned into color. Very creative.
Enjoyed the wry tone & the Sunset Blvd-esque approach of narration by a "dead" narrator. Nice job!
You did an incredible job with the MC's "voice" and character, in the midst of all the other things commented on above, so well done. Very thankful to have read this one! Sooo on target.
WOW! I didn't want the story to end.