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This was a cute exchange. I can empathize, I always guess my gift even though I want to be surprised. I yearn for more information about these 2 girls. The dialogue was realistic and gave me a chuckle here and there.
lol, this almost sounded like a conversation between me and my best friend! Realistic dialogue, good job!
oh wow! What fun you've wrapped up in this story! I'd like to hug both of them! (and I think I noticed the use of daughter names, right?) :) What a riot that this is true!!
You're mad-the both of you lol. How wonderful though, that you know each other so well. My friend and I have known each other for 34 years and more often than not, buy each other the same thing for Christmas. Good job girl!
Interesting read and dialogue! (",)
As a mom of teenagers, 'true that' is right on the mark for their dialog!
Good banter. I laughed out loud at the exchange about how big a bread box is.