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I enjoyed this story--could visualize the puppy wiggling his way between the couple. Cute ending.
LOL....I consider myself fairly warned now, and I'll watch my step whenever I visit. :) On a semi-serious note, it's a really cute story; very well done. And I'm with ya - definitely not an animal person!
I so enjoyed this and continue to smile as I am writing this. I am a critter lover and absolutely adore Basset's. Your story was very easy to feel like I was there with you.
Loved Abby's "voice." With a puppy in the house, you'll be a pet lover soon! Couldn't live without one! Great story.
This is so funny. I enjoyed the dog voice in particular.
Great story! Reminded me of when I was a teenager, and we had two small dogs. When my boyfriend came over, one dog would get between us on the couch, and the other, on the opposite side of my boyfriend! I think I still have the picure that my mom took of the 4 of us!
Very well written. Loved the "voice" of the puppy. Could see her worming in on the couple. Good job!
Very cute and entertaining story with a good messaage. The dog thoughts threw me a lil with POV shifts, but wasn't confusing. Enjoyed it. God bless.
Loved the interaction between the three and Abby's voice. Her thought at the end was perfect, lol!
Oh, how cute! I love the puppy-thoughts. And our doggie does the same when we get lovey-dovey. She's a VERY jealous doggie. Great ending!
Too precious! I had to stop a couple of times to make sure I had the right POV, but overall, I love this. Dogs are my weakness!
I am not a dog lover, but this is just too cute!
Evie is so cute. I can't wait to meet her in person. Just don't make me clean up her messes, okay? LOL.
Awww, those gorgeous brown eyes just melt your heart. I'll take her if you get tired of her. Great story of a boy and his dog. Okay, a man and his clever canine who knows exactly what to do. Loved reading this.
:) Great work on this totally enjoyable story! P.S. Good luck in the future... you will have plenty of material for future entries. :)