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Love this modern-day version of Hosea. Such a great telling of God's never-ending pursuit and love for us. Your writing had me right there watching this all unfold--and I love the way you left it open-ended.
Yep. Good read.
A love story brewing on two levels. It was fun to read.
Excellent allegory of our Lord pursuing us, even running us down if necessary to get us to listen to him comfort and hush us. Maybe weak on topic? But your writing flows like silk - every word is phenomenal.
Lame hint, sensational story. Loved your opening paragraph. How did you pack quite so much into so few words? No wonder you're on a roll this quarter
What appears to be a simple, everyday story is really a much more complicated message.
I thank Jesus that I "get" it. How many will read this story and only taste romance?
Splendid on so many levels.

What a gracious story to present a forgiving kind of love! You amaze me with your gift of storytelling.
Oh, wonderful. Lisa, I love how your stories are soooo deep and multi-layered. This one is a treasure. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.
Amazing story of love, great opening paragraph and perfect last line...though I didn't want it to end. Excellent writing!
What a love.

As always, you put so much into so few words
Lisa, you're an absolute master of dialogue, character building in just a few words - this is excellent all around. I too love the parallel to Hosea here.
Wonderful writing with lots to dwell on all the way through. Very enjoyable.
Very edgy story. I liked the effect. EMTs and deputies have been known to hook up. I loved the opening and the Open Denouement. God Bless. Did you notice the 500 by my name?
Oops. No 500. Well, silly me. Forget that. Great story!
A double "Shhh!" Excellent! You seemlessly go from dialog to your character's thoughts. And I loved your spiritual allusion and the contrast between the two. Love this! I want to watch this on the big screen!
A very well written and touching story expressing vividly what it means by undeserved love, yet loved without reserve. I enjoyed the read very much.
I believe that what makes an exceptional piece of writing--aside from being well written and a compelling story--is the writer's ability to make the reader take a deeper look at themselves. Your stories are always so Pleasantly didactic.
And I am such a Gomer. Superb.
I have witnessed such love first hand and it is remarkable to see. You have captured it perfectly.
I didn't quite expect the ending and when it came, it was nice. I also didn't see the modern-day Hosea link until I read the comments. This was very good.
So proves why you belong on this level, Lisa! Beautiful! I LOVE it! I really liked the line "Miles digs the tip of his boot into the dirt like hes carving out a spot for his imaginary philandering wife." You really threw the story for a twist with the forgiveness scene. Masterful writing!
Excellent. Love at its best. I didn't see the Hosea connection either... but after reading the comments that mentioned it, yes, it's definitely there.
A story that depicts full of mercy and long suffering in the person of Mr. Hamilton. Just like God is to us that we all might come to repentance. I'd like to be like "Mrs. Hamilton" who admits her sin, receives mercy, and humbles herself and "stay on" in the Saviour-- faithfully to the end.

Good writing. Thanks.
Congratulations, Lisa! Love seeing this on the EC list!!!
Congrats, Lisa! What a wonderful story - I only wish it could have gotten higher.
Congratulations, Lisa! This IS a great story! :)
Especially enjoyed your skills with dialogue. Congrats on EC!