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This is a wonderful story. I like the message of hope at the end.
Thank you for a beautiful story. I love tear jerkers with happy endings!
Thank you for exposing the conspiracy of silence that sets in within a month of someone's death; and for how God graciously breaks through it by sending real people or angels to those who could otherwise be locked into the loneliness of their loss.
This was simply beautiful and insightful and filled with bittersweet tender moments. The title drew me but your words kept me reading. Great job.
Beautiful story--I read with watery eyes. I love Josie's Christ-like compassion and the hopeful ending. Excellent writing!
I have chills running down my back as my eyes are tearing up. This was positively beautiful. What a great way to show someone how to react to grief. Excellent.
Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on first place in Masters and EC.
Congratulations and thank you. This is simply gorgeous heartfelt writing. Just like new mothers respond physically to smells and sounds of infants the reader can't help but leak, (tears instead), as this is so touching and beautiful! I love this piece. God bless you for writing about something that needs addressing. You are so annointed hon. Praise God for all of the ginger braided angels the Lord allows us to be mended by. :0)
I also do scrapbooking and it is very therapeutic!

This was beautiful and caused tears to come. I could not even read the comments till I cleared my eyes.

Your first place is WELL DESERVED!

(Is it a true story?)
Congratulations Debbie! A well deserved win, full of heartfelt emotion that, as a reader, you couldn't help but respond to. The lesson on how to approach people's grief is such a valuable one - I'm glad many people will be reading it!
I can't hardly see through the tears right now. What an incredible and truthful story. Well-written, well-told. A deserving win.
The tears started to come about half way through but your tugged at my emotions from the beginning. My best friend lost her baby and I can so identify with this piece. She even has made a scrapbook of her little girl. This definitely deserved first place!
Well deserving of first place! Done so tastefully and so sensitively. A heart warmer for sure!
This piece was stunning.

I remember my mom reaching out to woman who had had a miscarriage, sharing her own experience. It was special.

Congrats on a very well deserved win!
What a terrific title to begin with; then a wonderful, tearjerking, emotional story with a great message and hopeful ending. An absolutely deserving winning piece! Congratulations!
Wish I'd had a Josie the year after my Mom died when I was 14. You brought back memories. Thanks, and congrats on a well deserved 1st place!
It's obvious why this got 1st place. Absolutely wonderful writing...and tear jerker.
It was very passionate and touching.