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With Easter just weeks away, this was a timely piece. You chose a very different MC to tell this age old story. Good job.
What a creative POV! It took me so by surprise, I had to reread the last two paragraphs before it was clear to me. Then, of course I read the story a second time and smiled... and realized how you absolutely nailed the topic. Great job!
Very nice. I love to think about all of nature praising him. I never thought about a pebble before, thanks for expanding my imagination.
What a great POV. It totally took me by surprise. I was captivated throughout the entire story.
I can only ditto the comments on what an excellent POV you used. Awesome. I also liked the way you wrote on topic without using the actual word "Shh" -- yet the action of the parent shushing the child was there throughout. I enjoyed this much!
Wow! I really like this POV!! Excellent!