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What a warm, well written tribute to a special companion.
What a touching tribute to a dear friend. It was well written, it reminded me of the book Marley and Me. Nice work.
I love this beautifully written story about a special animal. It may sound like "heresy," but it reminded me of how I feel about my sweet, aging cat. It's amazing how the animals who live with us become like us and seem to sense how we feel. Well done!
It takes a gentle and patient heart to see the many things our pets teach us through the years. You have done a wonderful job of showing a few of them here - probably one of the most important. A great tribute to your furry friend as well as a great job presenting it to your readers.
A very touching tribute to a special family member. You really led me to feel the emotions - from the fun of choosing a puppy to the hint of sadness as he ages.
For me the highlight was your "would he choose us if he knew" paragraph. It spoke to me of that beautiful unconditional devotion of a dog.
It was a pleasure to read your excellently written story. Our last dog was Jennie, a little black poodle, who chose us and loved us and gave us los of grr-ace lessons.
How dare you not include a kleenex warning! The choosing of a puppy is one of life's pleasures. I'm not sure that this is fully on topic, but as I sit here with our pup sleeping half on my leg and half on the arm of the chair, I am moved me to tears.
awww, this was so warm and love-filled!
I agree that this deserved a tissue alert. So sweet, so true. I could feel your love for Stone through your words. Well done...