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The dialogue flowed and was so genuine as was the struggles within your MC's heart. Love the message at the end.
Oh, my. I truly hope that is true about suicide deaths. A very thoughtful entry.
Great analogy with the death of the magnolia blossoms and the mc's mother. This was beautifully written.
This heart-tugging piece was expertly woven together. Your skillfully set the tone with the rain. The Uncle's message shines through, even if she wasn't ready for it. Very good!!
My eyes are full of tears. You did a wonderful job. I hung onto every word. My heart hurt for Dinah, but then when I read the end, my heart broke for all who have lost a loved one in this manner. God bless you for writing such a wonderful story on a difficult topic. It is at the top of my all time favorites.
Wow! You had my attention from the first word. I felt her pain. I loved the inner dialogue throughout. And I do believe that if Jesus is our savior, even if we bring our own lives to an end, He will welcome us home. Nothing can separate us from His love. And He knows our private pain. Excellent Writing!
Wow. Just, wow. I love how you used the magnolias--brilliant. The emotions of the MC were so real--so heart-wrenching. What a tragic tale.
I was touched by so many aspects of the story. When Dinah's father wrapped his arms around her, I was reminded of our Heavenly Father's warm embrace.
Love this work, thought provoking and poignant. I liked, too the ending. It seemed open ended as if one could, with further thought, conclude, that if it were not for the rain - even though it might be incessant - the blossoms would never have bloomed.
Anguishing emotion of such a loss was portrayed so well in this piece, something not easy to convey as a writer. I felt like I wanted to reach in and hug the MC as well. I also felt the rain destroying the blooms wrapped the telling of the story, giving the reader a visual of brokenness.
So poignant, so moving, so real... and your unfolding revelation of the mother's suicide was perfectly paced. Very well done.