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Too cute! I thought it was a Labrador dog at first, yet I also like cats.
From a beginner's perspective, it would be fun to hear dialogue between Marmalade and the Persian.
Enjoyed the story very much.
I'll bet the kittens will be beautiful! Sweet story.
What an adorable entry! I'm a dog person myself but cats aren't far behind, especially with entries like this one. Kudos!
Yummy Marmalade!

... I had a cat named Marmalade.

... such a gentle way to share a rather significant social commentary ...

Masterfully done.
This is so well written! I can just see this pedigree smitten kitten swooning over his orange love. He makes me think of Pepe le Peu from the cartoons. :) I think you can leave out the line explaining "we are cats" - you don't need it at all. You "show" that fact very well. Nicely done!
Oh great story. So well written
I like the way you have given your MC - Main Cat(?) -a strength of purr-pose to look beyond what his family obviously thinks will be an absolute cat-astrophe.