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I loved this poem! It could be a cute child's story, somewhat in a Dr. Seuss way. The illustrations sure would be fun!
Loved this cheerful, playful poem! Good job!
Loved it! Great mind pix.
What a darling poem! You covered all the bases and I found myself tapping out the meter on my desk. Oh I wish someone would volunteer to illustrate this, yes in a Dr. Seuss manner, or anything that is adorable and makes children laugh with joy. This is a winner or my keen sense of what's extraordinary is way off! I don't think so! I'll look for you in the winner's circle, high on the list!
What a thought! I love how you so cleverly posed each question, then gave possibilites to ponder! Great work!!
Adorable, cheery poem. Seems we had a similar thing on the mind for this topic...:-) Loved the mood of your entry.
What fun this is! I was picturing each color of the orange and wondering to myself, "Would I?" :-)
Enjoyed you poem very much. Colin
Any poem that rhymes 'anemic' and 'hypoglycemic' is pretty much perfect, in my book.
You just blow me away with your thinking in poems like this one. Fun and well-written with something to think about...and a praise for God as well.

Great poem! I love this rhyme:
"And if the orange was pure white,
Would it appear anemic?
Then with low sugar content, might
It be hypoglycemic?"

Since you asked, it did bother me when read this poem that you used "wasn't". I almost commented on it, but let it go - poetic license and all, ya know. ;)
Truly great job! My grandchildren would love this!