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A very sad story. Suicide is very hard. You made us like Tag so we really felt the pain when we found out what happened to him.
The sledding brought back many memories of a similar hill in Iowa. :) I thought Tag fell through the ice and drowned! The suicide was an unexpected twist. I love the double meaning at the end - she lifted her eyes to the hill. Enjoyed this.
This was very well done with a difficult topic.I liked you mc's choice at the end.
yes, I agree with the comments above, I love the help/hope at the end and the verse you cite "lift my eyes to the hills". Your story was captivating.
Wow- didn't see that one coming. I too thought he fell through. Nicely done.
You brought out well in your story, the ordinariness of life that we live and yet it is sometimes tinged with tradegy and sorrow. Thanks for your portrayal of this. Colin
You were very brave to share such a deep personal tragedy and you shared with such grace. You are a talented writer.
Article honestly touches a very painful subject. Suicide does not give answers, only endless questions to those left behind.
wow. thanks Shirley. Very very well written. And tastefully done.
A riveting piece that dealt with a heart-breaking, difficult issue. Well written, sensitively handled. Great job all round.