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This is a sad story. I am glad the girl was found. I like your descriptions. Nice job.
Good story! It had me drawn in from the start. I like the light of hope at the end, too.
Excellent job1 I felt her desperation and her pain. The story was well done, but I need to know what happens next!
Yes, I agree with Deborah, I want to now what happens next. You have to finish this. It is riveting in parts and the end has me wanting more. Great job, well done.
Loved this. Two extremes of good and evil people. Great descriptions, and effortless dialogue. Great combination for an awesome story.
This grabbed me and still has hold of my need to know what happens next. Liked the pace of this, your characters and the fact that it ended on a good note.
I was captured by your descriptions--pearls and icing, for example. You did a great job of drawing your reader into your mc's feelings.
I liked your use of evocative phrases like: 'and I imagine them becoming part of nature, crystallising, becoming ice fossils.' to underpin her thoughts, feelings and her situation. I think it would take a novel and a lot of inner searching and pain on the part of the writer to finish this gritty story. :-)
Could personally feel her emotional and physical cold, and visualize two very opposite men.
A disturbing story but a good ending. Enjoyed your interesting tale.
Strong story about a miserable family life due to substance abuse and more. She was powerless, but God prevailed. I love the character of her rescuer. Compelling, rich and deep. Not an entry to just breeze through...leaves the reader aching for change.
I really enjoyed your piece. So many powerful images. I especially liked this line. "Winter may be the season of death...but it is always followed by spring..."
Very nice!
Thank you for the rescue at the end. This was very gripping.