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This story is a well written reminder to pray for our children and to teach them God's laws. I was saddened with the MC at the sight that met the parents in the dorm room.
Whoa...great story. I thought this was so well-written. And the point...we mess up, they mess up...wonder which hurts more?
I agree with the narrator in this piece. Parents need to be honest with their kids about their struggles and what they learned from their own mistakes.

I thought maybe the opening could be shortened and inserted as a flashback as they walked across the quad. Opening with the parents at the dorm room is much more powerful. Just my thoughts on this.

Perfect last line.
Wow! This was the first level 4 entry I had ever dared to read; sort of scared to see what masters wrote like. What a fantastic story. It ended rather abruptly for me. I guess there's just so much one can fit into 750 words.
Thought provoking message.
Enjoyed reading your entry.
This is so very true to life. They grow up so fast and make their own choices. I was right there with them when they heard that girl's voice. Very well done.