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You aren't the only one who has "eaten those words". As a child I said I was going to go to Disneyland whenever I want. Well, I have an annual pass, but don't make it down there as often as I'd like. I just enjoy the thought that I can go whenever I want. :-)
I could just picture a child, sitting in a chair at a desk, legs swinging, pencil in hand writing this poem. And then suddenly once adulthood has begun, he's eaten those words, one by one. Delightful! Thanks for the smile!
Cute! Very cute! I love the title and it is so suited to the topic...Oh, it's payback time...Things we groused at when we were kids--but didn't dare say outloud--come back to haunt us as we give the same directions to the next generation...And it will go on and on and on and on...Oh Adulthood!!! How grand?...Helen
Oh, the future's here to haunt,
Can't eat everything you want!

Know these words don't taste that great. Good job!
When I read this the other day, I said to myself, "Self, there is only one person who could have written this!" And I was right. I can see all these poems in a very atractive book with a magnificent cover to do them justice.Hallmark would like to pre-order 8,000 sight unsenn. Kudos!
08/11/09 captured the word by eaten word slide into the world of becoming an adult!I enjoyed reading this!
The voice of this one is just perfect! Haven't we all learned to eat our words? Your writing is always tugging at my heartstrings.

No siree, not me either. I don't want to do any of that stuff! I found the meter a bit off in a couple of places, but the poem, the ending especially, was very enjoyable!
I almost made a jumprope rhyme out of this-lol! Love the rhythm and flow of the words and especially the very last lines. Ah...yes, eating those words. *choke* lol. Very nicely done!
Love your title and your poem is AWESOME and so very true:)
I thoroughly enjoyed this!
Loved the steady, strong rhythm in your verses.