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I loved this entry. It really captures the head-butting that takes with newlyweds. You did a fine job writing this.
The honeymoon is definitely over! Great story.
How funny! Excellent. Love it:)
I liked this so much I read it again! The twist at the end is perfect.
What a great entry! I never would have guessed they were newlyweds...I pictured a couple that had been together for a few years. Very humorous and entertaining all the way through. Well done!
Loved the inner dialogue of the feisty spirit wrestling it out with the compliant (Proverb)ial woman. Even though the dinner party was a success, I'm still not too sure which one of the two won - after all, pulling those hairs through the shirt had to say something about who was left standing. Great, fun story. Well written.
So many funny lines in this story. I laughed out loud as I read it. Great job!
I really really liked this and could picture the slowly brewing frustration and disbelief, perfectly contrasted against the man's completely realistic insensibility.
I appreciate that the honeymoon ending works well as a twist, but I wonder if it doesn't distract from the wife's sense of being hard done by. After all I could easily go through weeks without noticing that the sheets hadn't been changed...
Oh man... this is SO true-to-life! I love the twist at the end--it points out the truly angst-ridden adjustment period between newlyweds. Everything is so much WORSE than the new bride and groom imagine. (;
Love the humor in this creative piece. Excellent writing as always!
LOL! Love the double meaning of your title AND that you used the word "grody"! :) What a great ending!
I was drawn in by the title which reminded me of a little ditty we said when we were kids:
"Spring has spring, the grass has riz,
I wonder where the birdies is."
Your entry was such a fun read that if we took a vote, you'd be named one of the best humorists in FW. Kudos, big time!!!
Just shaking my head at this one! Very entertaining, well written and funny.
I loved the surprise ending, never suspected newlyweds. I think I was married to that guy's clone.......
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. You never fail to entertain. I loved this - every jot of humour oozing from the lines (or should that be the cracked egg?).

In a remote location of my heart, theres a Proverbs 31 woman raking a tin cup across metal bars, oh my, this topped it off. LOL this and the ending.
Phooey. Lynne stole my quote. I belly laughed at the Proverbs 31 line...what a riot. Loved every second...from start to finish. This must be a winner.
Your mind kinda amazes me. :)

In a remote location of my heart, theres a Proverbs 31 woman raking a tin cup across metal bars.

That image just slays me. LOL

Who would ever think of that?

YOU! ;) Great writing.

Masterful! I can't help but love this man... I mean really, the polo shirt, the chest hairs, the complete lack of perception!!! He's a keeper ;-) The female robin choosing the longest, blackest plume... love it!!! I too, belly laughed at the Proverbs 31 woman. This whole piece was wonderful - you know just how to do it Lisa.
Life's a struggle and to begin it right from the start of a married life requires more than mutual understanding for a marriage to last! You've put through in humorous words an important message for newly weds. I like the voice in the story. A very interesting read indeed.