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I laughed aloud! The picture painted here is perfect!

I never have had the courage to wax....if I have no time for the razor, I just hide with jeans and socks. :)
HILARIOUS! So much fun:) Gotta love Mother's Day!
This is truly wonderfulan enjoyable read.
Love the hyperbole here. This is a fun read.
The title drew me in. I really enjoyed this fun-filled story.
Loved the Mother's Day breakfast. Too funny. What a great sense of humor you have and a flair for titles. Good job!
Hilarious. Not sure it's exactly bang on for Spring. But what a hoot. The description of the discoloured body was sensational.
You have a special gift for writing humor! Love the last paragraph, perfect.
Oh boy! What a treat from the kiddies. (: Love this funny story (did you say it was true?!).
Laugh out loud funny. Be careful what you wish for indeed! Superbly written.
I was captivated by the title and was not disappointed in the reading!! What a great entry and what a wonderful gift of humor you have to share with all of us. When I laugh out loud at something, then I know for sure it's funny, and I did indeed laugh out loud. Great job!!!
Fun and fluff it was! Thanks for a good laugh today!
Hilarious from start to finish. LOVED the attitude of this MC, the snarky comments peppered through were perfect!
Captain Doghouse (what a hilarious title)

I know I should feel sorry for the MC but I am laughing too hard.

Truly Fantastic job as usual.
I need to read something good and uplifting today. Thank you for the lift of my spirit. Great job!
ROFL!!! Oh boy, I think you outdid yourself here. I loved this piece, I'm still laughing (quietly, so I don't have to explain it to my co-worker) loved the characters, the situation and everything about it. Excellently done-this is a favorite of mine this week.