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This fun skit, hitting very close to home for many, would work very well in a church service. The message is just right.
Ooooh, I loved the subtle edginess of the gave me goosebumps.
I am so petrified to attempt a skit-type piece myself, but this was the perfect scene for it. Loved every word. Bravo!
Excellent! A great portrayal of the relationship between husband a wife. I thought it would get confusing, but somehow you made it work. I could never pull off writing something like this. Kudos.
Hey, am I missing something? The poor guy wants some bacon so would someone please go out and buy him some...

Seriously though, I love the creativity. Painful, ouch!
Wow, you made this seem so seamless--so easy! And so usable. IF by chance this doesn't make EC, I would submit it somewhere, whether it's in the Free Article section, or where ever, it really should get some exposure so it can be used. David Ian and Glenn have connections. ; ) I'm glad I read this. It was presented perfectly.
You communicated very well how we often fail to say what we're really thinking to our spouses (sometimes just because our "subtle hints" seem SOOO obvious to us!). More importantly, though, you illustrated how trivialities can keep us from hearing the voice of God. Well done!
SO well done! I love the line about the bacon. It introduced subtle humor in a skit that ends on a serious note.
This is such a fantastic play--so good, in fact that it would be perfect for a marriage retreat skit. Hmmm, our church is due for one of those...where do I sign? Not kidding.
This would be an awesome skit performed during the month of February and pastor preaches on the sanctity of marriage. Well done!
Yes, I think many of us tune out to others...and God.
This is rich. Really gets the point across and who would question the lesson?
Ouch! This one hurt. Okay, it's one thing to write a good play but did you have to go meddling too? Most of us can relate to this couple in one way or another. Extremely creative, entertaining, unique and ever so meddlesome. Great job!
Okay, this made me laugh. It was good for making me think, but first it made me laugh. I loved the voice-overs for each of them, the invisible "cues" etc, just made them so real and brought them to life. I loved it! Great read! ^_^
This is a fantastic piece and I could reiterate much of what has been said already. Instead, I think I'll go spend some time Listening to God. He's calling.
another humdinger of a submission! well done!
Wow. Seriously, wow. The teeny little things - rustling of newspapers, glances at each other, the unseen TV - I could just feel the tension. Awesome job, especially with that Bah-Bang ending (and yes, the whole thing was a little close to home... sigh).
Great title! :)
Jan - I love this entry. Wonderful writing, meaningful message.
You could so easily become a playright. Like Satre, by being a minimalist, you said so, so much in so few words.
Your work is. in a word: inspirational.
I liked this creative skit and it made me wonder how many times I've been too busy to hear God speaking to me--guess we're all guilty of this from time to time. Thanks for the reminder.
Congrats Jan! I loved this and if you want to know why? I realized I was on here reading it before I prayed this morning! Nothing like knowing you hit HOME to your readers today.. thanks.. ! :)