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This is a masterpiece.
I agree - really well written - beautiful descriptions!
I almost skipped this story but Im happy I didnt. Thank you for bringing Sarah to life, and giving us a glimpse into what she probably felt during those dark days of her life. Thank you. I hope this one places.
Your story gives a real human touch to a beautiful supernatural event
My favorite so far this week. I've read it several times. I love it!
I wish I could write like this. Your story, your descriptions, brought Sarah and her surroundings to life in such an intimate way. Two thumbs up from me.
'Pomegranates?" Couldn't you have gone for melons or something? Rofl. Great voice that stayed consistent. Loved her character. And loved how you portrayed the story. Kudos to ya!
I love it when a talented writer brings new life to a bible character. You touched on several points that brought Sarah to life. No wonder Abraham loved her!

Extremely well written entry.
The comparison of Sarah to the "wasteland" works very well. You made her very real, very human. Well done!
This was captivating...I adore Sarah, and you made her all the more real to me. Fantastic writing. Loved it!
Awesome writing. Incredible look at Sarah's life in a new way. Very well done!
The comparison between Sarah and a barren wasteland was extremely creative. I too like how you brough her to life for us and made her a real woman with real longings and disappointments. Well done!
I can't believe just how you were able to capture and share Sarah's innermost thoughts. Just splendid! Wonder if Sarah smiled when she read it? Could, you know.
This is just fantastic! I felt like I was sitting down in a conversation with Sarah. Beautifully written.
That title gives me goosebumps. Perfection.

EXCELLENT job, Sharon!! Just wonderful and so uplifting.

Bless you, sister!