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Wow! I read through this twice to savor every line. Beautiful writing. Excellent work.
I love the analogy of the orchestra. And the last paragraph, wow, it gives me chills! Excellent!
I'm a music-lover, so I found this gorgeous!
A beautiful weaving of the story of redemption with the musical imagery. I love the analogy and I think your choice of specific instruments at various points in the story is very apt.

If I'm allowed to red ink it... I thought the last third got a bit heavy. In the first part you changed the focus at times (talking of grass waving etc,) while towards the end you focused almost entirely on the music. The actions played out on the world stage were only mentioned second. Also you started a lot of sentences with 'but' which became a bit same-ish. So stylistically I felt it floundered a bit.

Having said all that, this is the kind of expression of God's handiwork that I often feel deep within, but invariably fail to put into words! So sincerely, hats off to you!
I definitely enjoyed the orchestra analogy! As I read it, I was reminded of several works that depict a monumental struggle (Mahler's Symphony No. 2, for example). Well done!
This is so beautiful. I read it several times. Wonderful!
This was so beautiful. I could hear it and see it in my mind's eye!
Beautiful from the first note (oops) I mean first word to the last. Congrats!
Very well done - articulate and beautiful. Excellent descriptions from the front row of the concert hall.
I like the flow of this story. It is so powerful and the descriptions were exceptionally strong. It had just the right touch of sentiment without overdoing it. Congratulations on a well-deserved win. (I learned a lot from this piece as well.)
Congratulations on your win for this poetic, beautifully written piece.
Oh, my!!! This is writing at a level I could only dream of accomplishing! Congratulations on your MUCH deserved first place EC.
This is amazing. Emotional, creative, inspirational. Loved this a lot. Congratulations.
Rachel, this is in a league all its own. Superb! Totally envelops the reader. Mona
Wow and more wow!

I have already tucked this masterpiece in my treasure chest.
Beautifully crafted piece and a much deserved first place. Congratulations!
May I add huge congratulations to many more on your well deserved Best of the Best win. I had not read it before today. It is really beautiful and thrills the heart with wonder at what God has (and is) accomplishing. Thankyou so much.
This was a masterpiece on so many levels. Thank you so much for this gift to all of us, and now I hope you celebrate the wonderful news of your win. SO well deserved!
Oh Rachel. This is incredibly stunning and SO deserving of Best of the Best. Now pick yourself up off the floor. Okay??? ;)
CONGRATULATIONS, RACHEL, on your BOB win! This piece is definitely deserving of it!

I'll be in touch with some interview questions for you.

Wear that crown proudly! :-)
"The Composition" is a breathtaking and glorious piece of work. My sincere congratulations to Rachel. Your composition is absolue beautiful. I could read it over and over and over again!
Very creative and artistic!

Paulette Rogers
Congratulations BOB! ; ) Awesome...just so absolutely awesome. You did it girl. Enjoy the clouds! Love, Pat
Way to go Rachel. This piece does in fact stand out, good job, and congrats on winning the crown... BOB. ;-)
Congratulations, Rachel, BOB. This winning piece grows more beautiful and more inspiring with each succeeding read.
Very well written. Congratulations!
Congratulations, Rachael. A perfect composition melding both music and words into a memorable story.
I am shivering... beautiful. Sharp. Soulful. I can't think of the words, cause it just plain rocks (although that seems out of place with the musical style ;) ). Love it. Big, big congrats Rachel on the BoB win.
Had to come back and add that this piece reminds me of "Peter and the Wolfe" a story told with musical instruments. Going to the concert to hear it was a Christmas holiday tradition when I was growing up. Something I always looked forward to and learned musical instruments could have voices as well. Thanks for the memory! : )
Congratulations on this superb entry--not surprised that it earned the BOB award. Wear your crown with a big smile.
Blessing and honor to the One who has given you the prophetic voice to trumpet a story with such passion and glamour. A truely remarkable piece that should be in print for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Glory to God the Father for bringing to us this magnificant writing.
God bless you and increase your gift to His body.
WOW! I can hear and visualize the scene you have set, salvation's past, present, and future. You captured salvation's story in a short essay. Quite a feat! Your short sentences carried a punch. Your choice of strong visual words make it easy to see the whole scene in the reader's mind. Well done...

I had just finished reading your poem, "Breath of God" given to me at our last Southwest Iowa Writers Guild meeting when the FaithWriters email came up. Congratulations onwinning the BOB contest.I'm not surprised your piece won, having read your novel and the poem. The beauty in your eyes and in your writing is beholding God the way you do.
Rachel, I could hear your symphony as the story was being played. Your writing is beautiful. I, too, love your last line. Super congratulations on winning Best of the Best! Awesome!
Congratulations! What an inspiring work, and how great that it has been chosen as the best of the best! God bless you, and keep writing!
Dear Rachel,
What an awsome piece of work.
I only pray that some day I might be able to write what you throw away.

I don't know yet how to critque writing, but I know when something is GREAT.

Thank you for sharing your God given gift.
This is an amazing piece of literature, certainly creating an experience beyond words. I work in music...and found this to be very powerful! Congrats!
-Dan Johnson
Oooo, I like this. Very cool. Would love to hear this concert, but you brought it alive to us in your writing.
Oh dear Rachelle...A million congratulations for this great BOB award! You made my heart to rejoice.....This awesom "musical" masterpiece has honored both Our Lord---and all of us at Faithwriters.
God bless you forever...Amen
Hi Rachael, I was totally captivated by this piece of writing, wonderfully writen.
Congratulations, Rachel.
Sorry I'm late with this. I'm breathless. I'm speechless. Oh, my!
The use of an orchestra and its music to highlight God's creation and the victory of salvation is wonderful, and masterfully executed. Thank you for writing a piece that makes both the head and heart worship the majesty, wonder and grace of God!
Congratulations Rachel! A Magnificent Story! I love the musical journey filled with notes of blessings with every rise and fall of the instruments.
Wishing you continued success with your writing, I loved reading your first three novels--what a treat!
Simply amazing! How beautiful and how deserving of the BOB hon. God bless you and keep being used by the Lord. Congratulations! Praise the Lord.:0)

I'm new to writing... you set the bar very very high! Thank you for that.

What a gift you have, thanks for sharing it.

I'm in tears. GOD bless you and keep writing.
I see this writing as a powerful tool to reach others with a deep passion for music. It produces the imagery and a story that is familiar and puts it into the context of the story of our savior. Passion runs deep in those with a love for music, though they often cannot grasp the passion for our Lord. This gives them an understanding of the passion for Jesus.

In all, awesome and inspiring!
Beautiful Analogy!Great piece Rachel!
Bringing tears to my eyes as I could hear every note in the words you wrote. It is a beautiful symphony filled with hope and love. Thank you so much.
How exciting and real, Rachel.You made me hear,feel and see the Word come alive. Truly breathtaking to say the least. Well deserving the BoB! Thank you and God bless you abundantly for honoring Him with your gift.
Sonia Gray
Absolutely glorious! I'm brand new to faithwriters! What an introduction!!!!
Wow what else can be said--you said it all
Simply beautiful....It made me think about the scripture that says "The Heavens declare the Glory of the Lord!" I could actually hear the sounds of the instruments and suddenly I realised I was reading not watching! The words had literally come alive. A masterpiece....Come quickly Lord Jesus!
Wow! Very creative!!!
Very good. Great imagery. Flawless seams. You get the point across in a very creative way.
What? Half the year has passed, and I have never congratulated you on this fantastic accomplishment? I recall reading it when you first placed (I was on vacation at the time, which is probably why I didn't comment). I came back today to read it again. What a beautifully orchestrated, inspiring piece! Congratulations on being BEST of the BEST!
That was totally amazing! Words cannot express the depths and height of all the emotions experienced while reading this. It truly was amazing. This is one of those things I say, "Wow, I wish I had written that!"
You write beautifully and I really love this one it is an amazing piece of writing. I like how you use the battles of good and evil but what I like most about it is you write with true passion and faith.
Humbling. Beautiful. Blessed are you. Thank you for submitting this piece.
This is beautifully written! Congratulations on a job well done!
It must be wonderful for nearly a year to go by and know that people are still reading your work and getting pleasure from it. Music is one of God's greatest creations I think.
I loved this. I play the flute in an orchestra and really felt the music! -sue
May I begin by saying that though your writing was beautiful, I do have one critique. WHY? WHY? would this be my first read during my first 24 hours on this site? Just kidding! WOW! I am so very excited to be here and have the opportunity to have writers of your caliber critique my work!
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
This was magnificent! I could see this vividly in my mind! I can see this being an instrumental musical play. Really, it's gold!
This is so timeless and beautiful. I don't know if timeless is the write choice of words.
I only know that this is an expression of love to the Lord.
What a beautiful peice of writing. The kind of praise the Lord deserves. Your love of music was put to such wonderful purpose. Congratulaions to the writer and praise the Lord!
This is so timeless and beautiful. I don't know if timeless is the write choice of words.
I only know that this is an expression of love to the Lord.
What a beautiful peice of writing. The kind of praise the Lord deserves. Your love of music was put to such wonderful purpose. Congratulaions to the writer and praise the Lord!
I'm a newby and just discovered this priceless treasure. Magnificient.
Congratulations. I look forward to seeking out more of your work.
what an awesome music analogy! i could not only feel and see the imagery...i could hear it! congratulations!
I absolutely love this piece. I'm a musician and I could almost hear this masterpiece. Congratulations!
I absolutely love this piece. I'm a musician and I could almost hear this masterpiece. Congratulations!