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The dialog between Gramps and his grandson was believable as the story flowed and merged into a wonderful lesson. Thumbs up on this one.
Great message and one to be remembered, whether we are a Gramps or a Chad. Nice!
This story rings so true. I've seen it with so many horses that others would give up on, but given time, love and hard work they are given the chance to become the champions that lies inside of them. This lesson of course easily transfers itself to ourselves as well. Great way, excellent story to bring this out.
You're a gifted story-teller using very realistic dialogue. My kind of story and great message, too.
A great story. I like the name Justin Time. It reflects how we find God just in time, or a great grandpa that will pick us up and dust us off.
I liked this. There was a point where a POV shift confused me, but other than that it was a smooth and enjoyable read. And I LOVED that last line!
Wow. First of all, any entry with the words "butt ugly" in it is great.

Second (and in all seriousness), I think you shine the most with your horse entries. You definitely are able to take your knowledge of horses and use them to tell stories that are not only engaging but that also demonstrate Biblical truths.

I loved the way this ended, and it reminds me how God takes the broken and transforms them into greatness...with a lot of hard work of course. :)
What a wonderful story full of love, compassion and hope. I liked the emotional responses from both of them at the end of the story. (I'm not very sentimental but it certainly works here.) Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.
What they all said.
I love the pun in the title, as well as the excellent atmosphere and characterization. Congratulations!
You're good!
I like your story.