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Wow! Really good writing and lots to think about here.
Great puns! Lol. Yet a very sobering story.
You managed to insert humor into a desperate situation and told a wonderful story.
I am truly amazed at the variety of emotions that went through me in these few words. The puns in the middle had me laughing out loud, while the rest had me pondering. the use of the marching was very effective.
Intriguing piece written with skill and wit.

Wonderful pace.
What I like about this story - aside from some of the truly dreadful puns - is the fact that you never quite know what is coming next. The plot deftly turns every expectation on its head. And a highly satisfying ending - as Jesus made so very clear, the Kingdom isn't about us and our petty comforts, it's about putting the Lord and his glory first in our lives.
I love your puns, your light touch, and your wordsmithing. Wonderful entry.
So many creative one-liners in here...very funny. But such a serious message, too. Combining the two is very tough to do, and you did it well.

I got a little lost with the back-and-forth dialogue at times...not knowing who was talking. But then again, it didn't really matter who was saying what, so it certainly didn't deter from the piece.

Very good writing, and great job with the topic.
This one had my emotions rolling up and down with each step. Oh boy. I hope I can make jokes and puns if I ever have a journey like this one. Kind of makes me shudder and smile at the same time.
What a great "aha" moment you have created, which was a strange paradox of a punch to the gut and abounding joy. Wonderful writing.
Eerie and a bit unsettling, but in a joyous, hopeful way (how's that for weird?) I loved the puns/jokes, but the hiss of the guard brought me up short. Fantastic way to surprise and challenge the reader. May I say that you have such a deep mind? There, I did.
Great humor wrapped up with a serious message and challenge to us. Well done!
A one-of-a-kind entry, to be sure! Very compelling. Humor in the midst of trouble. Only works when you know the outcome and are prepared for it like your characters. Splendid.
Congratulations on your 1st place. Great piece.
Wow! Wow! Wow! I was so enjoying the humorous tone of this piece. I am very corny myself so it hit the spot, and I was just thinking it was a fun piece....and then you blew me away with the reality of what the march was. Wow! Excellent writing. A well-deserved win!
You have a remarkable ability to direct the reader's emotions through your words. I would love to write like that. Well deserved EC.
You did a fine job of balancing the serious subject matter with some wonderful humor! Congratulations!
A winner in every sense ... I loved the pace and rhythm of this delightful piece of prose
Congratulations! This was a great story, a wonderful tribute to the Spirit of God who lives in us and causes us to rejoice, even in the worst of circumstances.
Hoomi, Wow! Congrats on placing with this clever story. Love your humor!!
Great poet. You write beautifully well. Congrats!!
Outstanding!! Powerful imagery coupled with playfulness and skillful 'pun-ditry'. A brilliant piece that moves me to keep marching for my King.
Right,Right,Right, so very true and right.