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This is SO good. I love it. You are so creative in showing the seriousness of Korean orphans, through the innocent, self-absorbed humor of a child. Excellent writing.
I love the internal conversations and the light humor of this. Your title caught my eye. :)
This was so cute! I loved the voice of the child... the blessed bliss of childhood ingnorance. Good stuff!
This is darling - what a great voice. I love the MC's niavete' about this "brother" of hers. Wonderful.
I enjoyed this from top to... uh, hmmm... Bottom.
Thoroughly enjoyable story, and a true ring to the child's seemed right on target. And what an appropriate end!
Wonderful story reflecting the innocence of childhood.
I know this wasn't comedy, but still, it made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure about your "name" tho'. Good job, a very enjoyable read.
The humor is fun and the first few sentences are wonderful but (gulp .. I am stepping out on my own here) for me, the voice did not jive. It seemed to skip around. Sometimes it felt like a child, other times I was wondering if she was looking back on her life from several years ahead.
Maybe it's just me? (very possibly) but words like meticulous, awkward penmanship, hastily, unruly, exquisite, delicate .. etc. do not sound child-like.
And yet, thinking about cookies and noodles and EZ bake ovens and saying "such fantastic stuff to write on." does sound child-like.

So I am a little confused.

..the bit about writing on the onion skins -- wow! Imagine that?
I especially like how you portray the child's thoughts: random, imaginative, and often unintentionally humorous!
Thank you for this wonderful entry; it made my day.
So wonderfully written...from BOTH the adult POV and the child's. Reminded me of a penpal I had 50 yrs ago, Daphne Brown, in Ireland. They do make impressions on our lives.
Today, the world is so much smaller. Yesterday, to hear from someone overseas was magical. We used air-mail paper, too.
This is the best I've read this week!
I'm sitting here on my bottom, enjoying every word of this entry. Writing on onion skins? Eww, I think they would smell a bit, but that wouldn't matter because I love onions. This was fun to read, I love the thought processes of your MC. Kids just don't think the same was as we do. Thanks, Jan, this was great.
I loved your story and your ability to tell it through the innocent/naive eyes of a child.
Your sense of humor in this has brightened my rainy day. (hehe) My favorite was the explanation that Korean children are named for body parts and ending it with "Hello Chin, this is your sister, Bottom." What a hoot!(hehe)
You've captured so well the little girl's voice and perception of the world, a simple, childlike view. And I wonder, she thought Chin Wook was older than her by one year, but did she know that Korean's are called one year old on their birth date? So 12 by Korean years is 11 by ours. Also, almost all Koreans share one of three surnames, Kim, Lee and Park. (I have a lot of Korean friends...)
I like how you showed Asia through a person not a place. You captured the hardships of a Korean orphanage through the unknowing eyes of a child. A very creative story
I love how you kept it all in a little girl's voice and thoughts!
I'll never hear the word "bottom" again without thinking of this...giggle!
I loved this line!
"...each row marching neatly across the unlined onionskin as if commanded by a barking sergeant." It almost makes me jealous.
Engaging and entertaining story. Extremely well presented with a very likable mc and expert demonstration of contrasting cultures.
Very funny but well written. It's really creative. You got the perceptive of a young child, and i also liked how you surprised me with a new revelation. like when i found out the MC is actually a girl and not a little boy. It was well written and dissapointed any stimulated idea of the MC being a boy. Great job!
I also liked how you wrote about the Korean Jesus dressed in white robes. lol. Very funny! And creative
Oh this is darling! I loved the last line, at first, I thought she was just being rather silly about the whole thing, but as the story progressed I got to liking her. excellent stuff. ^_^
Very cute story. I loved the ending:)
I really liked the section regarding being named after body parts. A fun read with lots of child-like humor scattered throughout.