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Incredible writing. Your title drew me to your story and carried me to your brilliant ending. I loved everything about this entry.
Great descriptions and a compelling tale. Interesting that white is a symbol of death, when it is just the opposite for us. I was engrossed.
This was so well written, I was just engrossed in it! The husband in white was just enough of a mystery to throw me off and keep me on my toes...was he a terrorist, did he blow something up? I didn't know until the end. Great (albeit sad) story.
This was awesome! I could feel my heart thumping with the suspense and the emotion.

If I may, I felt there was just one line that let the piece down "a whole lot more injured, several missing." I thought given the force of the piece as a whole and the fact that you gave at the end (45 million people affected) that 'a whole lot more' and 'several' didn't quite do justice to the scale of the disaster.

We fail to grasp 45 million, but respond to stories of individuals. You told the tale so powerfully and hauntingly that the horror of the disaster comes through full force. Fantastic writing.

I remember learning about foreshadowing in school. You did an excellent job introducing the idea of death at the beginning with the color white. I'm sure many of us grieved with our Chinese brothers and sisters during that horrific event.
Just wonderful, and I loved all the hints of 'white' sown throughout the article, finally brought together when she saw 'a certain man in white' - Jesus. Touching portrayal of that terrible earthquake.
Awesome writing - loved the thread of white throughout the story. Captivating and thoughtful. Congratulations on your EC!
Wow. This piece was so well-written. I knew something was going to happen but I didn't know what. Good job.
Congratulations on your level placing and editor's choice with this fantastic story!!
Powerful social commentary in a powerfully written story.