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I am not a poetry person but this was so well written that it carried me along with it from the first word to the last! Nicely done!
Cute and fun. A delightful piece! Loved the daydreaming and the surprise at the end!
What fun! Very interesting, lovely story. We can all dream..
Wonderful, wonderful! You captured so much of the romance of youth. I was especially thrilled that all those lover's dreams for their future were canceled by a hole in the pocket! Ah, poverty, I know thee well.
I loved this excellent poem with lovers' dreams and the unexpected ending. Great job!
Lovely and so fun to read! It has a very French feel.
Absolutely adorable in every way!
This was magnificent! Great timing, wonderful story. I love the way you've woven the French in with the English. Very well written.
What a clever and fun poem! I am not good at judging poetry, but I must say that a fun and lighthearted poem like this is my favorite kind. Thank you for putting a smile on my face with this. :)
What a charming and lovely poem! Very well done.
Lovely feel to this delightful poem. Sad ending but realistic!
Tres bien - great fun to read!
Entertaining read! Well done!
This was wonderful...I loved it!
I agree with what Jan said and would add that you did a remarkable job of short lined poetry. That's hard to do and you did it perfectly.
Aw, so sweet, Vonnie. I enjoyed the easy pace and sweet romance packaged perfectly in the simple dreams of youth.
Awww! Simply delightful! I loved reading about these too, and I especially liked the "C'est Bon" reminds me of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. Great stuff! ^_^
Awww! A hole in his pocket and the dreams slipped away. How sad.
This was a neat poem. I enjoyed it.
Wonderful; a story in verse. Smooth and flowing... loved it!
Congratulations on your EC. Very cute read.
Vonnie... I LOVE this!! (I'm so proud of you!) I could just hear the French accent in this. Congrats girl!!!
Congratulation, Friend. I loved your enchanting poem first time I read it and hoped it would be a winner!