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A Bible story! Awesome. I love it when someone takes a Bible story and brings it to life with details. Beautifully done!

I am confused as to why you used the name Josef?
I was also confused by the name. Are you putting Ezekiel 37 in a different time and context? The mention of Deutchland also threw me off.

Regardless, this is beautifully crafted and masterfully expressed. Beautiful language especially.
I totally get it! What an excellent idea, and gorgeously written.
I like how you took this familiar Bible story and breathed new life into it by using a different person and setting. Good job with this!
Great writing! Powerful and moving piece!
My favorite line is "Surely, he couldn't do this on his own." We can't do anything on our own, especially the things he has called us to do. I like the image of Josef falling back, to be cradled in His arms. He will indeed provide our needs.
God calls us to His will during ANY time in history and this piece shouted that loud and clear. Nice job.
I've just got to ask... is this the dry bones of the Jewish Holocaust? Berchtesgaden was a key place in the operation of the Hitler political system if I recall correctly. If so, this is an AMAZING analogy.

If not, it still is.
Wow! Loved seeing this in a new light, very well done here. An interesting read for today! ^_^