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Amazing that in time of war, even opposing forces can stop to share what they have in common. Too bad we couldn't repeat that principle more often. Well done.
Well told! Looking back on the event we can easily forget the soldiers didn't wake up that Christmas day KNOWING they wouldn't fight. Your opening lines caught the fear they must have experienced. Then we breathe a sigh of relief with Peter as he dares to trust enough to climb out of the trench. Great writing.
I love stories that bring history alive, and you did it very well! It's amazing how the opposing forces in the war could find peace with each other. If only we celebrated Christmas every day!
I've heard of this before, but never in such detail. You told this story very well. There's a great message here, too. Kudos.
I teared up....I'll admit it. I've heard briefly of the story but your details made it so clear. Well done!
Awesome, Ruth! This makes me unbelievably sad...I detest war, and killing, and I really appreciate that you gave us a very real look at the wonderful soldiers who fight.
You brought a war torn part of history alive in such a real way. Great story telling.
Wonderfully told story of a piece of history. Excellent writing.
I've heard of things like this happening. A moment of peace in a time of great turmoil.
Great story!
I, for one, had never heard of this. What a wonderful event in war time. You told it so very well. Made me enjoy being educated tonight. :)