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Lovely journey through time and memory. Well done.
Beautiful title and a story to match. The paragraph the begins "Time became liquid crystal..." absolutely took my breath away. The MC's grief was so well communicated and IMHO, thank you for having the son still alive!!
Amazing. You've painted a beautiful picture.
This is a lovely and heartwarming story. It seems the older I get, the more memories mean to me and the more I want to make an effort to etch moments in time on my heart. Beautiful!
This is truly excellent writing. Your descriptions are vivid, and you made me feel what your MC must have been feeling.
Loved this tender story.
Your descriptive writing really drew me into the setting (the "twilight and autumn fog billowed" "the rotting pier" and "the slow moving river". Your story is a beautiful memory (for your MC).
From the opening hook to the haunting last line, this story captivated me. I stumbled over a couple of rough spots, but overall this is a masterful piece of writing.
I love this story. Such a beautiful memory of his wife. Really got caught up in this. :)
You really know how to tug at the heart strings! Excellent job, and so very deserving of your placement. Congratulations, Loren!
Congratulations Loren on a wonderful piece. By the title, I assumed it would be about a current soldier. I was pleasantly surprised you honored a vet from my era. I graduated HS in 1968, many family and friends served. Beautiful.
Congrats Loren! You truly deserved this win. It brought tears to my eyes. I really love your way with words. The paragraph about time was so masterfully created and spun... Thanks for your piece. It helps me remember to hold the moment that is NOW that we don't get back, except in memory!