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I could see this and hear this in a Disney animation... Mort was hysterical... great creative idea and excellent execution..!
Whichever sleeve did you pull this from? When most of us are struggling to come up with anything new, up pops this! I love the way the animals get their individual characters, and as for the comment about woman... well!
Very clever! I was a bit confused at the beginning - it took me a couple paragraphs to realize they were animals. I enjoyed it after I figured it out. I love the zebra. :)
Very creative! I liked your out-of-the-box entry. Nicely done!
I loved this.
One day, they will be able to be with one another without division...
when the lion and the lamb lie down together at peace.
Perhaps these are dress rehearsals?
In a week of lots of similarity, this one definitely leaps to the top of the originality heap!
Adorable and cheeky. Loved it. The part at the end about this being a legend just made it better, juicer somehow.
I love how you brought this legend to life! Your title is perfect!
Think it will be like this everyday in Heaven?! So much fun to read and it's a possibility that I sure hope happens in "real" life one day...I'd love it!
: -) : - ) I was going to attempt something like this, and after reading this, I'm glad I didn't because it would have been too hard to top! Wonderful job, I especially like the way you were able to show the differing and identifiable personalities of the wonderful creatures. I hadn't heard of this legend, thank-you for introducing it to me in a most entertaining way.
This is really a wonderful, out-of-the-box entry. Kept me entertained from beginning to end. :)