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Oh, so very good!
This was something very special! I was totally involved and the MC is one I could really, really like. The characterization in this story is oh,so good!
This is a beautiful Christmas memory - one to treasure for a lifetime to come. Well done!
Stunning! Redemption, grace, love. We don't deserve any of God's gifts, but he chases after us with them till we stop running. A modern-day Hosea. I loved it from start to finish.
This is really, really good. I have goosebumps and tears, and I'm not even sure why. Beautiful writing. And a great message without being overly sappy.
What to say? I want to read more...I want to know this couple's history. This is good!
ahh yes, I want to know more also. Very good writing. I love authenticity without too much self blame and deprecation. The balance was excellent and I loved the happy ending! Good writing.
So much I like about this story - the character is so authentic - but the last paragraph is the BEST!
This is a beautiful, heartfelt story.
Definitely gathered momentum as it headed toward the ending, and the last paragraphs were awesome! A winner for sure.
A contemporary Hosea! Excellent story that brillianty underscores the true message of Christmas grace and deliverance.
This brought tears to my eyes. I love it when reconciliation is in the air.
I'm crying... this is so beautiful. Grace upon grace... in all its glory...
Just wonderfully done. Perfect ending. I hope to "meet" these characters again. You kept me yearning for more.
I like your use of this little-known verse from the carol and how it speaks to your MC. A poignant story and the word that comes to my mind concerning Troy's love is "agape." Beautiful!
This character is so like all of us in that we can't always find the way to forgive ourselves...others may have moved on and still love us in spite of our faults, but we can't get over our mistakes. What a beautiful redemption story!
What a beautiful story! I liked the way you built the suspense, so that we couldn't wait for her to open the package.
Oh my goodness, this is so, so good! At first reading, I was going to cite this as my favorite passage as it seemed to speak of the heart of the MC "I want to close my eyes and listen to the Baby cry" But then as I read, I found even greater treasures, buried deeper than most writers could ever expose. Wonderful job - just wonderful!
This is really beautiful.

Have you ever read Kay Arthur's "Isreal, My Beloved"? For some reason this got me to thinking about that book. . . How God loved Isreal so much, despite how wicked she was, he was always there, waiting for her to come back to Him.
This was tender and emotional without the ooze of sweetness. Loved it.