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I loved this... Such an inspirational piece. Wow!
Wow that was a lovely story... Makes you feel so much like you're actually there. I could imagine very well the cold night and the dark wintery woods, and then the child's "honeyed soprano voice" singing simple but beautiful Christmas carols! Very well written.
WOW! The music of this beautiful, moving story sxpresses the true meaning of Christmas and brought tears to my eyes Very well done.
very beautiful! Oh My gosh this is awesome. It really brings tears to your eyes and the child like faith. Children see things that we adults don't see on account of their child like faith.
Excitement and action keep this story moving at a quick pace. I love the plot, and the ending (especially the last line) is awesome
This is an excellent story to illustrate a Christmas miracle.
Very touching - gave me goose bumps - the little girl was so real and "kingdom of heaven" childlike - a good lesson here.
Lovely "lil" miracle.(smile)
The faith of a child, being the instrument God used to answer a mom's prayer. Quite creative and inspiring.

There were just a couple spelling errors, but a great story.

Without repeating worn out technical metaphors of writing critique (most of which I don't know the meaning of any way) I will simply say what I truly feel. WOW!!!! This is one of my favorites. Great job!
Awww....this one is beautiful! Excellent writing - very well done. :)
A beautiful and moving story Debbie. I love the way children's faith is so simple and assured.
Congratulations on your 4th place overall! Great job!!!!