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I love the voice here and the rib-tickling humor in the story.
What a WONDERFUL bit of satire and social commentary! Excellent voice, and I soooo appreciated the dry wit! Hooray!
This is much fun, I had to read it again!
Great fun, love the voice and the use of language- consistent throughout; many thanks.
Wonderful voice, great characters, and an engaging tale. Very entertaining and amusing.
Oh this was a hoot to read! I chuckled my way through it. Well done!
Now that's funny. Anyway, I liked it. Great job.
Great voice...great humor...great everything! Well done!
The last sentence sealed the story for me. In my book .... this is a contender indeed.
Not a contender? What are you talking about? This is hilarious! I'm not from the South, but the humor and satire is great. Nice work, as usual!
Not a contender? Miss Chely, wash yo mouth out! This was brilliant, just brilliant. Full of humour and wonderful satire. I loved Maggie's full name. The voice was perfect - I could hear your MC speaking. So good, so very, very good!
Reading this reminded me of "Steel Magnolias" :D I loved the very Southern.
This is wonderful! There is so much for us rookies to learn, the characterization, the sharpness, the language... just great.