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Oh, this breaks my heart! This is well written and powerful, but very sad. Good job!
This is indeed heartbreaking and the sad thing is, many Christian women can relate to this message. We need transparency and men need to step up to the plate and own this kind of behavior. It is anything but Christ-like.
As someone who "played the game" for many years I thought your piece was excellent. You were able to express that relentless, "be-on-your-guard" feeling through expert phrasing and very good character identification. The interspersed dialogue of husband's criticism is like the pick-pick-picking away of Lucy's love for him and at her own self-esteem.The title is good too. It reminds me of the ridiculous, compulsive, repetitive patterns in marriage and relationships. It also speaks of that expectation/demand every woman feels; NOT just in marriage but in every realm, to be HAPPY to be OK to be upbeat, to be nice, to be pretty, to be together,the encourager and so on. This is a very good bit of writing and resonated with me and many others I think.
(By the way,there IS hope for women who really experience this sick satanic game of brokenhearted diappointment with Love. I speak from personal experience, and for me, the very beginning of the beginning of the way "out" is by being REAL. Stop the pretence.Wife is not "happy".Give God the dice and stop rolling them! Be honest and get safe, wise support.)
The emotions are so raw you can feel the sadness, heartbreaking.
Frightening and very realistic...I pray this is fiction for the author, though I am certain it is the norm for many women. Excellent writing.
You have touched an area of great need within the Body. "Share the truth in Love" - Have been there myself in my former life. There is HOPE and Jesus has the perfect answer and it isn't always the one we think it will be.
Outstanding writing for a very sad situation. I loved the line "corset on my soul."
Congratulations on your EC, excellent writing!
Congratulations on your well deserved EC. This piece was well written and I felt every emotion of the MC.
You captured the painful struggle of the wife very well. Sadly this is so true for many marriages.
There is hope, however - when the wife realizes that God (& not her husband) is her fulfillment, her attitude can change and she can become real. Her husband may love her for it. (Mine does!)
This indeed is so heartbreaking and very well written. I so agree with Julie that God is our true fullfilment, our true redeemer, our true husband, and when we have times when we don't feel loved, we know Who does love us. Congratulations on your win!
Extremely realistic presentation of what its like to live with someone who is most likely a neurotic introvert, only aware of themselves. I've personally seen such a relationship (not my own, praise God) and you've portrayed it authentically. Can I suggest that you list this as a free-reprint article, I'm sure many will identify with it.