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Oh! So funny and so true! I had a cat who laid his "victims" out in rows...right in front of the mailbox. So embarrassing when I didn't get them off the porch before the mailman came with my mail; it looked like a critter morgue or something. Love the dialogue and tongue-in-cheek humor.
Oh, I love the humor, "coffin can", Wipe your Paws" mat... and the last lines are perfect!
I loved the humour in this, and I felt a little sad for the squirrel too. I had thankfully few experiences like this with my late cat -- the ones I had were bad enough. Oh, and btw...squirrels bite HARD! ;)
I like your sense of humor. And I suspect you have definitely adopted a few cats in your time. Thanks for writing this!
I LOVE this entry! It's even better now that I know from your hint that it is true! Very well written, engaging and funny. Great job!
This is a masterpiece of voice, and definitely my pick for the week. Love, love, love it!
You have added a "flourish" to Masters with your delightful humor. I love your story.
This was a lot of fun to read. Great job, from a fellow creature lover. :-)
This was delightful! A sad story for Darwin, but an absolute treasure to be sure. I too, have ungratefully received little offerings from an otherwise loving kitty. I could tell you a story about a big cat, small rabbit, and a childrens Easter Egg Hunt (think Easter Bunny...), but I'll save that for another time. Great job! :)
What a fun account with a fun engaging flow. Though I must caution readers that the first half is not ideal to read while eating a turkey sandwich. Great Job!
This is GREAT, especially with the pictures! Well-written and out of the box creative.
Very well-written story. I love the line: "On. My. Porch. Mat." LOL :) Excellent job!
I loved this - especially the coffin can!! LOL
“Dead rodents I can manage; wounded Disney characters, not so much.”

“And yes, Mother, I washed my hands�with soap.”

LOL @ those lines! This was hilarious! I loved the complimenting pictures that you added to the message board. Poor little Darwin! If there is a squirrel Heaven, then I'm sure it is packed to capacity right now.
Chock full of humor cat lovers will appreciate. Reminds me of my first cat, who 'forced' me to watch her eat several dozen mice, rats, birds, (and one HUGE moth) over several years. A suggestion - you could have left out most of the intro part of the story, and focused more on the coffin can and squirrel, adding more dialog from the kids etc. Necessary parts of the intro could have been threaded into the story as reflections, etc.