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This is really good. What a cute story. I love that it's about a cat. Very well written!
Great take on the topic.
Oh what fun! I was SO wondering what was going on - and you absolutely got me! Love the title, and the repeated use of the phrase throughout. Good stuff!
I LOVE the surprise ending! Definitely did NOT see that coming. And up until that point, you had captured cats purr-fectly.
(My cat HATES Dot!)
Great job!
Nice twist! I thought it was just a cute story about a cat....way to pull a fast one on us! :)
I could see my Number Two Cat, Lou Lou Belle, in your description. She always plays the game, but it seems so frustrating! The twist at the end was very good.
This was so fun and creative...what a wonderful twist at the end!
This is very entertaining and I didn't see the twist coming. Great job!
Su-purrrrrr-b! My Sophie loves to play with Dot...this just cracked me up. And I loved the twist at the end; first time I've read anything like that here. Very good!
You know what--I just now got that she was hypnotized. Duh! Wow, this makes your story even that much better. :-D Great job!
When I was close to the end I was scratching my head and thinking, "Huh??" Then I got to then end and said, "Ahhh!" Nice job. Really didn't see that coming. I was feeling for the cat and wanted them to stop torturing him. It didn't bother me when I learned it was a husband. LOL. Good job.
Shelley, that was very sneaky! I loved the description of the very tip of the tail twitching in irritation. Being a cat owner I've seen that so many times. You had us fooled to the very end. Well done.
I was wondering how you were going to get the topic in this clever tale. Then you brought it at the end with a clever unexpected twist. Nice job!
You have tons of fun in this. Wish I could have seen the tail move. :) No wonder the audience was laughing. Excellent creativity for this topic.
Oh, my! Oh, my! I cant stop laughing! You really got into a cat's head! Loved it!
Excellent! I read this once and didn't quite get what happened at the end (I guess I'm a little slow). When I went back and read it a second time, it was plain as day. I love the cat's musings. Very Strong Entry.
Very fun read, I enjoyed this a lot. Great job.
I was a little confused. Maybe I'm slow, but was the husband hypnotized to think he was a cat, or was the MC a cat?

Overall, great story.
"...was the husband hypnotized to think he was a cat, or was the MC a cat?"

The "twist" which was revealed at the end was that the husband was hypnotized; so had acted out (on stage) all that had been described earlier as the cat's actions.

You captured the attitude of most cats with purr-fection! I have read many cat POV entries that have bored me to tears, but this one is very creative and fun to read. Great job!
Shelley, I'm going to feature this delightful story on the Front Page Showcase for the week of November 24. Look for it on the FaithWriters Home page, and congratulations!
Shelley, how cool to see this creative piece featured on the homepage. Congrats!