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NOOOO !!! You can't leave us there! What happened to Kara?
What a setting..and building of tension, right up to the climax!
No fair! What happened? Where's the beginning? Give us the end! (All that to say that this is goodotherwise we wouldn't be asking!)
Finish the story! PLEASE! How cruel to leave me in suspense!...Oh, this is a great story on concentration. I just wish that you could have had a few more words to conclude the story...Very well done...You should be writing suspense novels (not that I read that type much)...Helen
So, you would try and subject us to Chinese water torture! Well, it won't work... we are much too strong... please, please, please tell us what happened next!! Pretty please :(
There's no way this was 750 words--no fair leaving us hanging. Aaaargh! (Excellent suspense BTW. This is creepy.)
Intriguing. You have captured your readers' attention with them asking for more. Without anything to focus on, it is no wonder Kara feels helpless, but then again, the fact she breathed a prayer of thanksgiving shows she can still keep her sanity intact, only because she has God. A well written story awaiting further development and closure.
Well written--suspenseful...and where's the rest? I think it's against the law to leave us hanging!