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What an engaging story! ;-D I just loved Jeremy's proposal. He's a gem. I liked this one.
Ha..Ha..!! Poor Jeremy...we thought he didn't have a clue.
I loved all the scientific jargon, although you lost me completely.
Well written!
I had to laugh at Jeremy's scientific view of things. There are many people just like him--my daughter is one of them. We need them, I'm sure, But oh, how frustrating when one has a romantic frame of mind. Nice writing; I love this.
Ha! I can totally relate, being married to an engineer...who is also quite romantic at times. Very cute story with some interesting facts thrown in.
I loved THIS~! I'm also married to an engineer who left a note in a hamburger he bought for me, asking for my hand in marriage... I almost ate his proposal...THIS made my day, made me laugh, and made me realize we all have our "language" but the language of LOVE finally comes through.. GOOD WRITING>. Bravo~!!
This was so fun to read! Love it!
Very different--and enjoyable. That young woman was very patient. I'd be afraid of someone who was such a deep thinker that he had to associate EVERYTHING with science. Glad the story ended like it did...Very goooood!....Helen
Wonderful, smooth writing,I especially enjoyed the 13th paragraph. I was happy Jeremy turned-out to be romantic after all.
Where on earth did you come up with all these impressive terms? Photuris pyralis? My goodness, you should place high just for talking way about the judges heads! hehe just kidding. Everything you write is so good. I expect you to write something for the Financial Times next and be a winner! Talk about diversity! You're the best!!!
I thoroughly enjoyed this delightfully creative story.
Oh boy, I was getting so frustrated with Jeremy. You have a way of drawing your reader in and pulling them along. Great story Betty :)
I enjoyed this, I was hoping it would go in the direction it did. Good writing.
Delightful! You showed the difference between the scientist and the romantic perfectly. And, in the end, you proved both sides can win!
I love this charming story--the description, the quirky Romeo and the girl who's smart enough to recognize his worth, and the scientific explanations. You definitely have many facets to your writing ability.
The science in this was great. It really brought Jeremy's character to life, and I loved the ending. A very fun entry! Thanks for sharing it. :)
My husband has a degree in biology and often talks over my head. Loved the entertaining (educational?) story. Your MC is soooo patient. Great writing.