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Fun, fun, fun! children will love this. One suggestion: I think the entire first stanza should be directed to Marvin Malone instead of telling about him in the middle. I love the variation of themes from construction zone to the north pole, etc.
Insidious little devils those cell phones, aren't they? Very good.
An absolute DELIGHT and joy to read. This must have been tons of fun to write too. The rhymed are absolutely a hoot and totally delightful and fun. Love it!
How funny. My kids would say that's me while on the internet. What a fun piece!
Your creativity and humor are displayed delightfully here. I loved it.
Such a fun read! I love the rhythm...great job!
This was an absolute blast to read. Great job!
This was fun! It had a Dr. Seuss feel to it. My favorite stanza was this one:

Marvin Malone, please get off the phone,
Growled polar bears deep in the cold arctic zone,
This iceberg is ours; go get one of your own.
Go away, Marvin Malone.

Poor Marvin. Why don't they leave him alone when he talks on the phone? Hehe :)
Wow! I love this... your rhyming words are excellent (and it was no small feat to get so many words to rhyme with phone). I bet your kids will love to hear this read! (and I wish I could hear about their reaction to this). :)
I must be a kid at heart, coz this really appealed to me at 58. Takes a lot of skill to write something that appeals to any age -- AND put it to rhyme. I can visualize some great illustrations to go with it. Well done!