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Hehe - was wondering how you'd work the topic in. Very clever. the characterization was quite realistic. Good stuff.
What a smart dad! Very cute story.
I like the part about floating through the reflected stars. You capture just the right words. Good job!
This is a wonderful story. I loved the description and the character development especially.
I liked how you made the character grow up some. My only question is if the Dad would have really got up at 4:00 am to call her every morning. Maybe having the alarm sound on the phone, like it had been preset, would have been more realistic than the missed calls. I loved your writing and the story!
Fun story. Not sure why or who was calling her at 4:00 AM every morning, but I guessed it might be something like that.
Excellent writing. I especially enjoyed the paragraph were they floated on the lake singing "Amazing Grace." Good ending, too.
I liked watching the transformation in this girl. Very good! Great descriptions, too.
"sitting on the porch, wrapped in a hand-stitched quilt, with a cup of coffee, and watch the lake turn gold and pink in the early sunshine." <-- Ahhh, I could use some of this right now.
Heehee! So funny to find out that it was just a phone. Lol. I liked this, the MC was a real hoot! Especially the repeating italics of Laaaaa. lolz. Very nicely done! ^_^