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Breathtaking reassurance of Grace and a wonderful version of this week's theme.
This one is special! I love it—what a wonderful reminder—and well done, too.
This is an absolutely beautiful and perfectly written reminder of God's grace and love.
"“I don’t remember any sin; I see My bride, instead.
I shed My blood for all your sins; I’m not here to condemn.
Your sins are in the deepest sea and I’ve forgotten them.”
...How very wonderful. He has NO MEMORY of our sin. Then why do we remember things that we have confessed? We shouldn't, but often do...This is such a blessed poem...I DO hope it is a winner. But if not, then it certainly IS in my estimation, not that THAT counts for anything...God bless you...Helen
Beautiful. The meter staggered a few times, but that was overpowered by the powerful message.
This is so sweet and tender, just like our precious Savior. The last line is just perfect to wrap it all up. I love it!
Oh my, this is beautiful! Wonderfully crafted and of course, that last verse is my absolute favorite! ^_^
There's no wondering why this is master's level! What a wonderful message and wonderful skill in every way to match it! Inspiring and absolutely lovely!
Absolutely lovely and poignant in every way. Wow.
Masterfully written poem with a powerful message. It is so hard to fathom the true depth of His love and forgiveness. Wonderful poem, my friend.
Oh so lovely! You have pictured the Savior and His love and forgiveness beautifully. I particularly loved "To think He took my sins and hid them in a special spot,
A place so deep and far away that even He forgot."
I love this:

Your sins are in the deepest sea and I’ve forgotten them.

I've never thought of it that way. This is REALLY beautiful. Five stars from me.
What a lovely and reassuring poem. Thank you for sharing.
Mind boggling I loved this.
How marvelous! A wonderful illustration of the hope and the awesome love of God that heaven will be for all that believe. Your 4th stanza was most touching to me. How do we dare approach Jesus with all our failures? Your answer is perfect!
A testimony uttered in poetic terms that touch the heart in its delivery and truth. Simply beautiful!
The truth that God DOESN'T remember our forgiven sins is so amazing to me, too.
Thank you for writing this.
You got me thinking about what my job in Heaven would be. You also reminded me of just how much God loves me and how far his grace and forgiveness stretch.

A very elegant poem. Not everyone can write poetry this beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Lovely poem and a beautiful message of grace. I live near the water and I cherish the image of "the deep ocean" with our sins hidden there.
This is just beautiful. I loved every line of it. Well done my friend!
Absoulutely wonderful! I was blessed indeed! You got right to the heart of our God- He loves us and has erased our sin. While spending time with Him, I heard him say to me, "Your sins I remember no more, and neither should you." They are gone! Thank you for sharing this. I think God will use this to free so many of guilt. We should never let Satan remind us of our past- when he comes knocking, slam the door on his face and don't listen to a word! Praise God. Thank you, Jesus. God bless you and your writing. Keep the faith.