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Loved this line... This thought she savored in her heart
Great happiness to bring:
Her unborn promised son would be
The cousin of the King.

So many things we don't know about the future of our children.. yet she knew this and I am sure would have pondered what it meant to her own child... so cool!
Just lovely - with wonderful images and a beautiful portrayal of what Elizabeth probably thought. Truly enjoyed this piece!
Although inspired by blessed cousins,your poem beautifully illustrates portrait of two biblical mothers even a modern mom can relate to.
Oh Verna! I love this poem, well, actually, there aren't many of your poems I don't like:) but I really love this one! Wonderful writing! and I love your last line, too. Wow!
Very nicely done. I like the brevity of it. It says it all in so few words.
Verna, I found you! I loved this poem. Of course, these happen to be the most famous cousins! I couldn't help but think that I'm glad God doesn't reveal everything to us. Imagine her protecting his little head, supporting it with love and care. I couldn't bare to imagine someone, one day, cutting it off. God in His wisdom, shared only encouragement for John's mother. I would have worried like a typical mother about John spending his days dressed in camel's hair. I would have hounded him to be a better student and worked at cross purposes with God. See how your poem inspires folks to think? Fantastic job!
Beautiful poem! Nice meter. Great job. Blessings, Cheri
beautiful!!!! I've thought about what Elizabeth might have felt. You described it wonderfully.
Good job. Well done
this is a blessing to read. Loved the flow and the approach to the topic. Your ending tied the story with a hope-colored bow.
Excellent work on this! I like that you brought out Elizabeth's ponderings (which she must have had with the miracles accompanying her giving birth to John -- especially "the child she'd longed for…She'd first become a bride," "the camel's hair, locust, and wilderness," and then the most amazing event "He'd baptize God's own Son." I love this.
This flowed like cream over apple pie. Wonderful poem; terrific metre. Super job Verna.
This would be a great reading for a Sunday during Advent. Well done!
Loved the rhythm of this and how it fit so well with what we know about John the Baptist from the Bible. Great writing!
I am sooooooooooooo jealous (but in a good way if that's possible). I tried to write something about Elizabeth and Mary (or John and Jesus) but couldn't come with an angle. What a beautiful poem about an incredible family. Your rhythm was perfect, the pace just right, the rhymes lovely and the words elegant. Simply wonderful!
Hey, here's that poem that's got lots of enjambment! Pop on over to that thread and leave a link there, too, okay? Nice job!
Loved this Verna... you always inspire me with your poetry. You know a master at anything when they make it look so natural and easy. We all know it's a gift and you have it! Made me see the old story with fresh new eyes.. thanks so much.. Dianne
Incredible. Creative and endearing take on the topic.
I was blessed by your insight.
Verna, I love this. It's so well done, and every time I think about the baby leaping in the womb, it gives me chills. Thumbs up.
Beautiful words wonerfully arranged to tell a beautiful story more wonderous still. Loved the way everything unfolded here, just as it was meant to be!
Yup, Elizabeth's blessing indeed! I liked this, especially to see it sort like from her own POV. It was great! ^_^
This poem was so good, it literally sang in my mind as I read. Well done!
Absolutely lovely poem, Verna.
Well, Verna, I had it in my head that I'd already commented on your poem! Imagine my surprise when I glanced over the yellow boxes and didn't see my name-LOL!

I love this poem. I love the imagery of your words. I love the way you bring out the thoughts of Elizabeth, who, like any new mom, dreams about the future of her son. This poem is so gentle and good.
This is definitely your genre! Beautifully crafted with all the right things in place for a truly memorable poem. Kudos!
I loved it! Beautifully written.
Simple wonderful Verna, what great storytelling and poetry combined!