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What a different take on cousin! Very interesting history lesson. I would love to see the mansion and park.
This is a great historical piece. I loved the loyalty of the cousin in spite of the scandal.
Fascinating - I love Historical fiction, and this certainly did not disappoint. Great characterization and sense of place.
This held my attention and was very well written. Besides, I learned something.
Nicely written, Dee. I love to learn as I read. Thank you for the double blessing of enjoyment and knowledge!
Excellent historical piece. I'd never heard this story, and telling it from the cousnin's erspective was very effective.
Very creative, well written and informative, as well. You had me every step of the way. I, too, admire how you used the cousin to see both characters. It was masterful!
What a history lesson! Thanks! And a job well done on this topic. Blessings, Cheri
Interesting...and I don't usually like history! Good use of dialogue.
I can tell you put a lot of research into this.
WEll done.
Wow, this is excellent! Creative POV and engaging story line. Historical pieces amaze me, especially when they're so well-written.
Your writing is so smooth in this well-written piece. I loved reading of this bit of history and would love to visit the National Park. Excellent.
A nice look back into history. The feel took me right there. Well written. Great job Dee :-)
How interesting! I love learning tidbits of little-known history. This was great.
You know a good historical piece when it gets you wanting to research more about it.

This is definitely a story that I want to know more of, though I doubt it could be told with the same excitement and intensity by someone else.
I am not a history buff at all, but LOVED this way of telling history. If it all could have been like that. I think I would have actually enjoyed the subject. Well done.
Ohh, I never heard of this story! Such emotion inside, I felt bad for M, but the MC's thoughts made this an easy story to follow. Very well done-very interesting! ^_^
We both took an historical approach to this subject, but yours is a bit more steeped in realism. You make the characters and their situation come alive and the tension building up the pounding on the doors was tangible. Great job, Dee.
What an interesting take on history! I was fascinated by this story and perhaps it will rekindle a love for this type of writing that I used to have. This is so very well crafted by a super word carpenter!
Your details sounded true so I was pleased to see your note. I loved the toughts your MC kept to herself, most telling....