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Cool.. I love the idea of storm chasing.. very awesome to tie it into Scripture!
I've always wondered about the bravery of storm chasers. I like how effectively the Scripture verse fitted into your adventurous story.
This story seems so relevant with all the tornadoes in the midwest. I like the "twisted" comment. :)
Just fascinating - this piece was an excellent "introduction" to storm-chasing - I felt like I was right there. Masterfully written.
I agree--people have to be twisted to be storm chasers. ;-) The typos distracted me a bit, but good story.
Storm chasers. Very original and realistic, too. Being a midwesterner, I felt the need to go to the basement on this one! Good job.
Wonderful! I think tornadoes are fascinating, and in a way, they're beautiful (when they're in the sky). And I love the bit of Scripture that you introduced at the end.
I like the references to her being a "twisted gal," in the midst of the tornado. Your descriptions left me feeling like I was in the middle of the movie Twister. Good work! Cheri
I don't know how I missed this entry before, but it is outstanding. Adventurous, exciting, and the message at the end gave me chills. Well done!
lol! I was with these two through all of this, what an experience! I loved the part where she was shaking from laughter and not fear. Neat! They make a good pair, I bet they'll help plenty of folks now in the aftermath of the storm. great job! ^_^
I just watched a show about tornado chasers on the National Geographic channel the other day (and loved it), so it was great seeing your story after watching that.

I agree that the Bible evrses at the end added a nice touch to this story. Thank you for sharing.
Riveting! Great job!