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Hilarious. Does the same advice go for flying ants (aunts)?
Ultra creative! Who woulda thunk to write a cousin story about beetles. Great story but I am still killing any bugs I find in my house! Sorry, George!
You have a very creative take on "cousins." I still don't like beetles, but I liked your story very much.
Creative and entertaining! loved, Loved, LOVED the ending! Well done!
Cute and funny! A SO creative story, and I love the last line.
Loved the humor! "...came over on the Juneflower." Very creative and fun!
Cute, imaginative and fun! I would have related better to it if I hadn't taken a cup of coffee onto my deck today and taken a sip. I got something in my mouth. I spit out a fly! Had to go in and find some mouthwash, wash out the cup and make another cup of coffee. I say, bugs belong outside. They're not paying rent! (See how realistic your story was?) Great!
How did you ever think of this? It's so creative and funny, too. Great job!
Love your last line! Very entertaining and creative! An enjoyable read. Blessings, Cheri
And this is and example of why you are in Masters! Creativity to the max.
I would love to see this story with bright colorful pictures in a children's book.
I absolutely loved this story. Super job BettyDee.

Tremendously creative, but as a certified bug-phobic, it really made me squirm. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Highly entertaining, and masterfully written. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
"Besides, cockroaches don’t care much about their hygiene. They’re unshaven and smell like stale cigar smoke.”

I knew cockroaches were like that! LOL! How do you come up with this GREAT material Betty? I really want to know, because I have yet to find an entry from you that isn't hilarious and ultra creative! I sure hope this places high this week, because it's my favorite so far.
Is this how "Alice in Wonderland" was inspired? You could call this one "Through the Kitchen Crack".

As always, you've done a great job of entertaining.
Thanks for the brick, I loved the Juneflower and the part about a regular family gathering except more legs.

What a perfect title, I loved reading this!
I absolutely love your twistedly creative mind my friend. This was great!
ROFL! This is sooo incredibly creative! I'm still giggling too, I loved this 'buggy' family. It was so fun to see physics go out the window and the bit with the 'stale cigar smoke' was a real kicker. Awesome writing! ^_^
One gift of a writer is if they are able to suspend reality for the reader to engage them in their story ---and you certainly did this for me. However, no matter how adorable you try to make these bugs...they will always bug me! : ) Serioulsy, I'm serious, but I still really enjoyed this story! Loren
Betty, this story is an absolute HOOT! I love the description about bugs "lounging against the wall"-that made me laugh out loud. I hate bugs, and especially the ugly beetles that love to sneak out and scare me along about August! But, I doubt I will ever look at them in the same way again. Thanks for the laugh!
You're the funniest thing. I looked up "creative" in the dictionary and Yep! There was your picture in living color! I admire your bravery. I could no more write about bugs than I could about snakes. That might make them think I liked them! You're the best, my friend!
The "JUNEFLOWER" ha ha! The cockroach description and your ending are great! This is my kind of story. Love it!
What a creative take on the topic--talking beetles that are not cockroaches. Loved the last line!
I STILL like your story.:-)