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Lovely, heartfelt piece. I especially adore the last stanza - and the last line of it even more. Delightful.
I loved this journey through childhood with sisters, and the last line is priceless.
Lovely poem and so well done.
Well, this says it all. This is what I wanted to write for my sister, but I see now that God had inspired your pen with it first. Tugged at my heart strings this morning. Well done!
Lovely--another piece that makes me realize how much I missed out on by not having a sister.

Red Ink: It jumped about a bit in time. I wonder if the flow would be improved if it were more chronological. Very minor, though. The poem is superbly done.
I'm not a 'poetry person', by that I mean I don't have any technical knowledge of poetry, but I really enjoyed this Mariane. It made me wish I'd had a sister to love and share with. I liked the way it flowed. Well done.
I feel a depth of emotion from the one left behind.

Touching and endearing, this read so well.
While I know nothing about writing poetry, I do know a good poem when I see one, and this is nicely written.

I appreciate you sharing this. It was a pleasure to read.
This brought tears to my eyes--remembering my sister. I wish we had been that close, but we weren't. I was just "Clara's little sister", not her best friend, as was the sis next to her...But I do remember--and your poem reminded me--so many wonderful things. And someday we shall hug again, as you will with your sister....This was a wonderful poem...Thanks, Mariane...Helen.
Simply beautiful...loved it.
I'm torn between wanting to go first and wanting to spare my sister the pain of being alone. Very touching and tender.
I am not the best with poetry, but this was wonderful and so from the heart. Keep writing.
Just great!
This is wonderful! I loved the little stories/memories woven through here-like the apple tree one. Good job! ^_^
Another gorgeous poem! This one definitely tugs at the heartstrings.
Oh, dear Mariane, you've once again written a poem that perfectly captures the deepest yearnings of the human heart. I am blessed with a sister in law who married brother when I was only four so she is my 'sister' and I love her dearly. I've often wondered what I'll do if she goes first. You've said it here in a way I never could. Bittersweet and beautiful indeed!