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All that practice makes for beautiful songs to the glory of the Lord. Thank you for this piece.
Lovely musical journey with this family. I enjoyed this.
I enjoyed reading this. My husband is from a musical family, so it was a pleasure for me to read. Nicely done.
I really enjoyed this story that ties together so well music and family.
How awesome! I feel like I've just been walking down a very awesome road of memories with you! I could almost hear your kids singing!
Assonance and consonance! Awesome!

Seriously, were you eavesdropping in the car when my daughters were little? Because they used to have "dueling songs" all the time--drove me nuts. All-dialogue pieces are hard to do, but this one's a gem.
Wow! What a walk through the years! It was fun to watch how their interaction changed as they matured. I really liked it. Hugs!!
I was singing the songs with this. (except I didn't know the last two :) ). Their musical progression was so much fun to see. Is this a true story…? :) I enjoyed this very much.
I loved watching the musical theme as it followed them from childhood into adulthood. Fun story! I appreciate you sharing it. :)