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Awww! That mom needs a nice bubble bath! I love the ending with the kids being 'oxen' though. That was cute. I do agree that she is much better than Atilla. Yes, very much so. ^_^
This was one of my favorites. I could see the whole family with their longsuffering, but loving, mother in their messy house.
This was SO entertaining. I loved the hubby's wicked gleam, the feared couch skirt, and the bubble baths that never come. What a picture of motherhood....
Thanks Mom. You're the greatest! I rolled my eyes at him as he buzzed my cheek and fled before I could say no.
What a picture! Your plot built to the perfect amount of intensity letting out to the peaceful calm of the Word at the end. Just like motherhood. Love your phrases and descriptions of the storyline all throughout. Well done.
Oh so familiar- except that I'm not a mother of course.

Extra credit in Driver's Ed?" is a very regional expression- I think I know it means.

I think I now know more about how the other half feels too. Well done.

Your conclusion brings out a very good lesson that many would do well to meditate upon. Kids do create massive amounts of mess and work, but are well worth it.
Ah.... you've done it again. ;^) Every time I read something you've written, I feel personally challenged.
Thanks for the reminder to watch my attitude when I feel like my family has stolen 'my' time.
Your writing is so real, I was viewing the scene! Love the humor and great last paragraph.
I loved the descriptions in this piece. I could picture the smiles of the father and son, and I saw the mom roll her eyes at them.

I think you described what mother's go through on a daily basis very well. This story reminded me of my own mom and how hard she works for our family. Men think they have it hard going to the office everyday, but in my opinion, mothers have just as hard of a job.

Great story! Wonderfully told. :)
That's the kind of Mom I'd wish for every kid. :) I like her responses, contrasted with what how she actually felt. Great work. Is this story based on anyone's life? :)
I really like her self-control. This was a wild ride, the dialog is perfect.

As the teenager buzzed her cheek, should it be bussed? I read bussed then realized what you'd written. I works well either way.
I must confess, on a day like this, I'm glad I'm the husband and can slip out the door and off to work : )
This was that believable!
Oh-so-true! And how many moms have TRIED to get organized and had their honest attempts thwarted by their kids and hubby? Isn't that a good excuse for leaving all the clutter...we can just shrug our shoulders and say, "Well, I tried..." LOL. Believable and funny!
Oh Peej! You described your day so well! Poor thing. Loving you lots and lots today and everyday:)