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ROFL! I love that ending, poor, poor Dorothy. I'm sure she enjoyed her few moments, but this was hilarious for me, reading all the lines that began with "MUM!" Too funny! Great job. ^_^
Your title fits perfectly your creative "through the years" story of motherhood. Well done.
I've got to say, full points to the hubby for being Mister Insensitive by saying Darl, how come youre losing your looks already? What you need is a full time job -- then youll know what real worry is. As if mothers have not experience real worry!
Ahh.. loved that ending. There is justice in the turning of the wheel. Thanks for describing some of the impossible challenges of motherhood that no one can really get but Moms... GREAT work.. thanks...
Why do mothers put up with such rudeness from husbands and children? I am not sure who i wanted to slap more - the child, the husband or the mother!
Yes, the wheel does turn, and it's "payback time" when our kids have kids! :) No wonder the mom had premature gray hairs! I think I got a few more myself just reading the girl's whining and complaints! :D
Loved the turmoil of life in this fetching tale. Grat job. Poor MUM!
David! What a marvelous surprise.... Commenting on this piece, I had no idea. LOVED the lesson here of the wheel turning and SOO TRUE! Bravo writing... !!